Looking to upgrade your device?

It can often be cheaper to upgrade your machine than to buy a new one, there are various things we can do to speed up older machines and here are a few of them with descriptions as to how they can help

RAM Upgrade

Finding your machine gets slower the more programs or tabs you open? This could indicate insufficient RAM for your purposes. If that’s the case bring your machine in to us, and we can let you know how much RAM you currently have and the various options in terms of upgrading 

HDD Upgrade

Do you find yourself constantly running out of disk space? If this is the case an HDD upgrade will benefit you, if you’re upgrading a pc they can often fit multiple hard drives, so you may not even have to lose any data! If you’re using a laptop, you still don’t have to lose anything but software, as laptops usually only have the space for 1 hard drive. This isn’t an issue if you wanted to upgrade, as our engineers can always back up the data on your current hard drive to be transferred over once it’s replaced.

SSD Upgrade

If you want to speed up your machine, and it is using an HDD(Hard Disc Drive) then upgrading to SSD(Solid State Drive) will definitely help. Whilst they are more costly than traditional HDD they are much faster meaning less waiting for things to load and certainly worth the price.